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  • 2021-06-11
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What are the health benefits of Swarna Prashana (Suvarna Prashana)?
The health benefits of Swarna Prashana (Suvarna Prashana) are explained in an ancient classic textbook called “Kashyapa Samhita.” According to Ayurvedic texts Swarna Prashana (Suvarna Prashana) shows following benefits.


1. Boosts Immune system
Swarna Prashana (Suvarna Prashana) contains pure gold in the form of ash and some other herbs that are known to enhance the immune power of the body. Infants and children up to the age of 5 years have a low Immunity and hence are vulnerable to infections. Administration of Swarna Prashana (Suvarna Prashana) in recommended doses can help to build a strong Immunity and reduce chances of common infections such as cough, cold and fever.
2. Enhances Memory
Swarna Prashana (Suvarna Prashana) can improve attention and the grasping power in children. It is also known to enhance the memory. Swarna Prashana (Suvarna Prashana) seems to be very important for improving brain health in children.
3. Improves Digestion
Swarna Prashana accelerates the process of digestion and hence improves the absorption of essential nutrients from food. Many children often suffer from gas


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