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Some useful safety tips

Make sure you are not the victim of a scam attempt by reading the Security Tips on

Private Information on

Make sure you protect your identity. Never give your personal or banking information to anyone by email, phone, or filling out an online form.


Be careful with people pretending to be by sending you a message inviting you to provide your personal or banking information, or even asking you to confirm your login details (email address or password). These emails contain a link that redirects you to bogus sites in the but to steal your personal information. will never send you this type of message, it is always a scam.


Beware of people pretending to be, or a buyer / seller you don’t know, by sending you messages that contain attachments and / or links. These emails contain viruses and / or links that redirect you to bogus sites. If you receive such a message, you are advised to delete it immediately and most importantly DO NOT CLICK on any attached files or links.


Beware of too tempting proposals and too low prices.

Never prepay a seller you don’t know (don’t put down).

Buyers and sellers

Meet the seller for the transaction in a public place. Never give out your personal or banking information

IMPORTANT: NEVER acts as an intermediary or trusted third party in transactions between buyers and sellers.

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