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From TOM STANIFORD the man who never grows to SUPATRA SASUPHAN the woman with the hairy face, here are 8 rare humans that really exist on earth.


Unlike some people who complain about their weight, always feel the need to diet or exercise to lose pounds, TOM STANIFORD prefers to gain weight.

In fact, he has been suffering from MDP syndrome since childhood, a disease caused by a unique genetic mutation that is extremely rare and causes him to lose his fat mass. TOM STANIFORD was born with a normal weight. MDP syndrome is a very serious disease that affects very few people worldwide, including only 10 cases since 2014.

This disease leads to the weakening of the bones, increased lipids in the blood and even loss of hearing. Despite all that TOM STANIFORD can live, it does not prevent him from living his life. You will be surprised to know that TOM STANIFORD has a girlfriend. Isn’t it cute to see how love overcomes all differences?

TOM STANIFORD  rare humans that really exist on earth
TOM STANIFORD and girl friend

GARRY STRETCH – rare humans that really exist

GARRY STRETCH, due to a rare disease called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a connective tissue disorder affecting the skin, ligaments and internal organs, is able to stretch the skin of its stomach to a distended length of 15.8 cm (6.25 in.). GARRY TURNER (STRETCH) is of British origin and claims to be the most supple-skinned man in the world.

rare humans that really exist


Paul Karason was a perfectly normal man. At some point in his life, he contracted a skin infection that affected him on the face. Due to this infection, Paul Karason began taking nanoparticle-based medications to treat his chronic skin infection.

Unfortunately, these drugs had side effects. A long-time friend he hadn’t seen in months, surprised, exclaimed, “What did you do? You ate a smurf?” ! Indeed, Karason’s skin had changed colour to become blue.

Despite this, Paul Karason did not confine himself to himself, he nevertheless agreed to go on television sets to talk about what was happening to him.

At the age of 62, Paul Karason, the blue-skinned man, died of an infection called Argyrosis.

PAUL KARASON, THE BLUE MAN rare humans that really exist


ABBY AND BRITTANY HENZEL are two twin-headed Siamese sisters who have two heads and one body. ABBY AND BRITTANY were born on 7 March 1990 in Minnesota, USA. Their birth surprised the medical profession, because they were one of the rare cases of twins born this way and especially that survived.

How is the creation of a Siamese brother or sister explained?

Two fetuses that grow up clinging to each other, something that often happens and requires surgery to separate them. But for ABBY and BRITTANY, this kind of operation was not possible, because they shared several vital organs. ABBY AND BRITTANY each have an individual heart and stomach.

When they were 12 years old, they had to undergo surgery to enlarge their rib cage and reduce breathing difficulties. This has helped them a lot and has kept them healthy.

ABBY AND BRITTANY are two people in one body. Today they want to marry and have children, according to what they said in an interview.

ABBY AND BRITTANY HENZEL rare humans that really exist
ABBY AND BRITTANY HENZEL 2 personnes in one body


FRANKESCO LENTINI was born in 1889 in America but is of Italian origin. At birth, because of his atypical physique, he finds himself at the heart of all attentions. FRANK LENTINI had three legs, one of which came out at his right hip and four feet and 16 toes.

But what could have caused this?

In fact, it was during the pregnancy that FRANK LENTINI’s twin brother, as a fetus, stuck to him and never separated from him again. So FRANK was born alone with a few members of his twin.

Despite this malformation and some mockery, Frank rushed and forced his destiny to become famous in the circus world. he married and became the father of four children.

FRANK became an inspiration, because despite his extraordinary physique, he knew how to enjoy life without ever complaining. FRANK LENTINI died at the age of 70 from a lung infection.

FRANK LENTINI rare humans that really exist
FRANK LENTINI , man with 3 legs


TOMM TENNENT was born in 1993 in Australia. At birth, TOMM TENNENT was a very different baby, his body was covered with skin to the equivalent of a 5-year-old child, which caused a shock to his parents and to the doctors who discovered something unheard of.

In order to solve the skin mystery of TOMM TENNENT, the doctors intensified the research by doing a multitude of tests and analysis on the little man. Finally the doctors were able to discover that TOMM TENNENT had a level of hyaluronic acid, present in the skin and 99 times higher than normal. the doctors also found a similarity between the little boy and the breed of dog Shar Pei.

However, given this similarity, the doctors have deduced that just like the dog of the shar pei breed, as little Tomm Tennent grows, the mass of skin will fade. It may seem crazy to you, but it is the reality.

With age, TOMM ended up looking quite normal.

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It all started with the publication of photographer Mofebamuyiwa on Instagram. the photo of little JARE LJALANA, 6 years old, dazzled the internet users for her beauty and her presence to such an extent that she was unofficially designated «the most beautiful little girl in the world» the photo went around the internet and had thousands of ‘like”. JARE LJALANA currently lives in Niger.

“All I want is for everyone to see Jare’s powerful potential,Mofe bamuyiwa said about the attention Jare’s photos have received. “I want the picture to speak to her when she is an adult”.

JARE LJALANA rare humans that really exist


SUPATRA SASUPHAN, of Thai origin is to date the hairiest woman in the world. SUPATRA SASUPHAN has excessive hair growth over the whole body except feet and palms.

In fact SUPATRA SASUPHAN suffers from an extremely rare disease known as werewolf syndrome.

During her childhood, she was often mocked by her classmates who called her an animal etc. Her life was not always rosey, which often prompted her to shave her face.

Despite this difference, Today, SUPATRA SASUPHAN takes full responsibility, she currently has a boyfriend and they both live in perfect happiness.

SUPATRA SASUPHAN rare humans that really exist
SUPATRA SASUPHAN rare humans that really exist

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